Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another busy couple of weeks

This weeks pencil lines sketch, Junkitz Pastel paperz and lots of cricut shapes.

Sometimes after big events that take lots of planning such as weddings and holidays, things can fall a bit flat. I thought that with the kids on honeymoon, and Martin back at work I would feel a bit low, but to be honest I really haven't had time.

This week, has flown by, on Monday Wayne and Laura came over, fresh from their fortnight away, to regale us with their adventures. They had a great time but were rather jet lagged.

As Martin had worked on Sunday, he got to have two full days off in the week. Wednesday was predicted to be the 'hottest day of the year' so we decided to give housework a miss, forget about visiting castles, and mossy on down to the beach for the day. Broadstairs were having their annual water gala so that was where we headed out to.

Of course everyone else and his wife had had the same idea, so when we found ourselves in an unusual traffic jam, working our way into Thanet we knew a parking place in town was going to be out of the question.

No problem, we were locals and knew where to find out of the way off street parking.... except so had all the other locals too. We finally found ourselves way out of town on the top of the cliffs above Bleak house. Nearly all the way back to North Forelands.

it was too far to walk all the way back to Broadstairs bay, but right next to where we had ended up parking was a sign saying Stoney Bay and a set of steps down to a lovely sandy beach, complete with life guards, beach huts and a cafe. Even though we have both lived in the local area for most of our lives, neither of us knew this beach was here.
We had a lovely time swimming and chilling out. At the time we didn't realise how lucky we had been, forced to use this unknown beach. Not having had any bread for packing a picnic, we strolled along the prom into town (way easier now we didn't have to carry all our beach gear and cooler from our dip in the sea) for some lunch. As we turned the corner and saw this we realised our good fortune!!

We ate salad rolls fresh from the bakery, sitting on the cliff top prom overlooking the bay, walked round the fair, bought an ice-cream and strolled back to the car in time for Martin to shoot off to the golf club for his match.

I hadnt been in the craft room long before I got an invite via facebook from the lovely Jane Dean inviting me to join her and her neighbour on my local nearby bit of beach where they were having a BBQ. I was really pleased to join them as it really was as predicted, the hottest day of the year so far, and there was a cooling breeze on the seashore, as we sat and chatted and laughing into the evening, and took photos of the famous Turner sunset over Whitstable flats.

It was a good job Martin had had such a good Wednesday as Thursday opened with a telly with no sound. As could only be predicted it was 2 months out of warrenty so it was a morning spent going round trying to get hold of a reasonably priced replacement. Mind the picture is way better quality on the new one and whats more we can use one remote handset for both sky and tv control. Bonus since the last telly was not recognised by sky and needed 2 handsets just to turn the sound up and down.

We finished the week off at Kelly and Ollie's house by watching Tottenham Hotspur beat Westham United to top the league and home again to watch England beating Australia for the Ashes. A great week to stop us going flat after the wedding.

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Sounds like you had a great time!!