Thursday, September 03, 2009

'My parents are legend!'

This is a scraplift of a digi LO by and continues our adventures in Yorkshire. Its not like me to do a whole series of photos but I am so enoying using my blog to do the journalling that I have even cracked open a Boots album to fill with the LO's!

A small toot before I go on, I won the Pickleberry Crafts sketch challenge for week 3 and now have £10 voucher to spend on new goodies when I go to the midnight crop on Friday.

Of course this is a small drop in the ocean compared with our recent spending, and our poor friendly plastic is about on its knees. On Tuesday, as we sat quietly perusing the pages of our English Heritage book, contemplating where to spend Martin's day off, a horrible sound rent the air. It was the washing machine in its final death throws.

Martin did a quick post-mortem but there was no hope, and so it was off round the electrical shops again for the second time in a week to purchase a new washing machine. I admit it wasnt difficult (despite the mirade of models to choose from) since cost was our only real consideration, and an hour later we had a promise of a next day delivery from the lovely man at Curry's.

It arrived, Martin plumbed it in last night when he got back from golf and this morning I am going to try its first ever load to see how a modern cold fill washer does.

And all that has absolutely nothing with being legend parents. That happened on Sunday. The Old Etonians made their annual coach trip down from North London to play cricket with the club. As usual we went down towards late afternoon to see the end of the friendly and join in the fun. In past years this has been hit and miss, the first time we went,the Londoners make a day of it, hiring a coach, sending the rest of the family down the coast for a day on the beach, picnics, the whole shooting match. It wasn't quite the 'birds singing' 'sun shining' 'oh well played' afternoon you would expect as Bob Marley blared out across the pitch and those wonderful West African accents shouted out encouragingly with that wonderful humour these people have, the whole afternoon was magic.

Last year didnt have the same atmosphere, in fact we were a little bored, so we werent going to go, but we had a phone call from Laura to say that she had had a couple of drinks so couldnt drive home to let the dog out, would we do it for her. Well I couldnt as I had to go feed Kelly's cats, a journey in the opposite direction. Kelly and Ollie had gone off camping with Helen and Alan. Not a good move as Helen usually feeds the cats when they are away, so she had roped me into doing it for her. The upshot was that I would go feed the cats, Martin would see to the dog and we would meet back at the club house where someone could buy us a drink for our wedding anniversary!!

The plan worked a little too well, and soon one drink had become many and now there were 4 cars and only one sober driver. Martin and I were happy to walk home, but Wayne then invited us to go for a curry with them, and then to kip at their place, so Laura, the two lovely Australians living with them at the moment and Martin and I piled into the car.

After the meal, Laura and the other girls (Gemma and Colleen) skipped off without saying a word to go to the nightclub, leaving Martin and I to follow Wayne. We ended up at another cricket friend's house where the lads talked cricket until 3 in the morning (we would have left earlier but desperate to get to bed, since he had to go to work the next morning, Martin had finally decided to order a taxi home rather than wait for Wayne. However the taxi didnt turn up, then when it finally did, they didnt knock the door, so when we didnt come out, they drove off again and we had to re-order and start the wait all over again).

I think the kids were very impressed when the next day they spent the whole day in bed recovering but Martin was up at 8 to go reclaim his car, and I was on MSM to Laura not much after that, as I had left my handbag in Wayne's car the night before. I needed my keys from it to get my car. We are legend, the kids are lightweights Mwaamaaama!!

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