Sunday, September 27, 2009


of missed blog posts that is. I kinda got stuck because I needed to download the photos to go with the posts and couldnt find the lead for the camera.

Now I have to relly on my poor little brain to remember all the stuff we have been up to. Oh well.

First off, a hot tub arrived!

Not ours, not the one we have ordered and paid a deposit on. No this is the one normally sent out for hire. Ours is still (apparently) in the middle of the Atlantic, making its way here from Texas. The company making them had run out of the colour interior we had ordered but forgot to tell our supplier. As a gesture of good will, our supplier have let us have the hire tub for free until ours is finally delivered. Hopefully within the next two weeks.

Ours is way better, ours is bigger, square, has a waterfall, more jets, a better light system, diverting power and heaps more extras. Still this is still fun. It took a day to heat to temp, and I am having fun playing with the chemistry set to keep the water clean and clear, and we have been in it every day (sometimes more than twice and sometimes very late into the evenings.

That was even with me spending 3 nights at my parent's house sitting and dog watching while they went to Woburn on their Tesco vouchers. They didnt have a really good time as mum was ill and the hotel was pretty dire.

I also got two days work at a new school to me, with lovely staff and a delightful class.

Last Saturday we had been invited to one of Laura's mate's wedding reception. Suddenly we are the cool parents and getting invites left right and centre. Very odd. We had a great time though. (I think the kids were kinda dissappointed they didnt get me drunk this time).

Wayne having fun at the reception

We scrub up ok for old wrinklies!

Not as well as Gemma and Laura though!

I invited the kids over for a play in the hot tub and dinner on Sunday. The two Auzzies, Mike and Gemma opted out completely, not even bringing their togs, Wayne had bought his but after sticking his hand in the water, claimed it was too cold and wouldnt get changed. I did finally persuade Laura to get in but she didnt really enjoy it, claiming she couldnt see the point and that she was cold. Mmm, yet already Martin and I are feeling the benifits, aching backs and knees way better and a new energy seeping into our old bodies. Maybe its an age thing?

Kelly and Ollie are still busy readying their house to sale. They had the outside painted (all the previous owner's rendering was flaking and falling off) and they were doing a final push on the painting inside when I went over yesterday to help out in the garden. I got a fair bit cleared but they are not gardeners the pair of them, the garden is like nearly 150 yards long and it is totally overrun with weeds. I managed to sting my hand on a rather vicious stinger nettle hiding in the lawn and had to call a stop to my efforts after 3 hours work.

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