Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sketch challenge

This is one of ATDML's sketches for Februaury

And this is my attempt at it.

A very simple attempt, I had intended it to have more embellishments but once I started trying to add bits to it, nothing seemed to work so I came to the conclusion that the Layout had decided it was happy as a simple lo.

Last weekend my laptop caught a trogen and my security software would not allow me internet access until the threat was removed. I didnt have appropriate applications to do that, so had to wait until Wayne fixed it for me. I felt a bit guilty as the kids were desperately trying to get the house finally finished ready to move in this weekend, but bless him, he found time to sort it out for me by Tuesday.

Its been a busy week all round. I did half a day's supply, went to Folkstone for the day with Mum and Dad to look for a corner table for their hall, no table but a lovely meal in an old fashioned cafe in Sandgate. Thursday Martin and I went to see Avatar at the cinema, our first 3D film.

I cant say we were that impressed, the glasses hurt my nose (they are not designed for spectacle wearers) and after 3 hours both of us had sore eyes. The film, whilst the special effects were brilliant, had nothing new in the 'genocidal maniac attacks, underdog saved by hero who has fallen in love with one of endangered' plot and was way way to long for the little plot line that there was. Not only that, for the sake of a few fern leaves sticking out into the auditorium, it didnt really warrent the 3D effects.

We didnt get home until nearly half eleven, so were already tired when we went to offer Laura and Wayne a hand with their big move. Wayne had hired a van, which he wasnt collecting until 6 that evening, and the intention was to move a few large bits of furniture Friday, leaving the main bulk until Saturday, but with the extra hands of Wayne's brother Craig, and Martin, we very soon had most of the lounge and half the kitchen on the back of the Luton. It was decided to plough on, move the beds and for the kids to actually sleep in their new home that night, leaving just the cleaning up to do in the morning. It was a good decision, we were eating pizza's in the new house by 11.20 and home by 12.

Yesterday was spent finishing the job, and then watching Spurs in the cup on their huge screen telly, eating hot party food and drinking beer. A fun (if not hard work) weekend.

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