Friday, June 11, 2010

Wooohooo!!! I'm a QT

and a little bit more than a supply bod!

Last week the supply agency called to see if I was interested in a long term assignment lasting until next March. The only details they gave me was that it was in a school a good 50 mins drive away and they would take as many days as I could give, but would prefere 5 days a week.

I tentatively agreed to it, thinking it was a straight forward assignment. Next I knew the agency had sent off my cv and I was called to an interview, needing to make a presentation and do a demo lesson.

It was half term so I couldnt find out much about the school, although I did drive over and peer through the fence at an empty building. As the date drew nearer I grew more and more agitated, convinced I would be hopeless at the interview, and that would sully my rep with the agency. Plus if I did pass the process, did I really want to work full time, 30 miles away via narrow winding country lanes?

Yet (with the help of my padder mates) I not only managed to go for the interview, but successfully passed with flying colours.

It was only after the interview that they told me what the job was.

It is still through the agency but its not teaching in the sense of being in a classroom, but its being the qualified teacher associated with a Sure Start children's center. Not only that its even further away than the interview was, and although that is the base, its driving around all over the area, with 5 nurseries under my control!!!! Oh and its only 3 days a week not 5.


I am still rather nervous but really excited!!!

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