Saturday, July 03, 2010

LOvely relaxing week in Lanzarote.

We have just spent a lovely relaxing holiday in Lanzarote with Kelly and Ollie. Thank you, you two, we had a great time.

Well I say relaxing, but you know that holidays with us are always like holidays with the Cranks, something always goes slightly astray and this past week was no exception to the rule (Boo will be so pleased to read).

So having finished the back log of washing, shopped and tackled part of the jungle in the back yard, its time to post photos and tell tales of our time away in the Canaries.

The week didnt have too auspicious a start as it was, I was attacked by the iron. As I de-creased Martin's tee-shirts to pack, for some reason it decided to erupt in a sideways stream of steam and scald my stomach. I didnt realise just how badly, and it wasnt a place I could easily drench in cold water for 20 mins, the result is still blistering skin.

Anyway packed and in mostly one peice we drove up to Croydon to watch one of those awful England World cup matches, stay the night at the kid's place and then at some god early hour in the morning, take a taxi, train, and then plane to our villa in the hills. ... .... except the booked taxi didnt arrive. Kelly had prebooked it during half time, not really thinking that everyone at the taxi firm would be in the grip of the game and not focussing on the paperwork. As we discovered the next day, (when the taxi firm phoned us up in Lanzarote,) they had booked it for the wrong night!!!

So we were 40 mins late getting to the airport (good job Ollie had suggested we leave really early) grabbed a none too fantastic breakie in Frankie and Benny's only to sit on the tarmac for another 40 mins due to industrial action by French airtraffic control!!

We got there in the end though, the villa was fantastic, four bedrooms, games room complete with a pool and football (fuzz) table, a huge huge swimming pool,

Huge swimming pool.

and a (rather dissappointing) hot tub. We unpacked and looked forward to the coming week, started out with a scumpious meal in the local restaurant.

View from the end of the villa garden.

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