Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Saturday morning in Lanzarote, and a surprise phone call from the Villa owner. She was really worried that the lack of water was ruining our stay and wanted to check we were still happy - yes we were - and she also insisted we go out and have a meal on her - we could do that, or would we rather a refund of some of the holiday rental- well ok if we must. What a lovely lady and what a change from all those horror stories you hear on the media. (And true to her word a cheque was waiting for us on our return home!!)

The day was a day for lazing around the pool, reading our books, taking in a few rays and generally chilling out. Ollie got to try out his new lilo in the pool.

Ollie on his new lilo.

We tried out the hot tub but spoilt by our own at home which was bigger with more jets where this one was a bit of a squash for four of us, much older and a bit tired so we didnt enjoy it as much as we thought we would.

In the evening it was the fuzz ball tournament and guess what? I lost again.

Sunday at the villa dawned ....... overcast, windy and a little cooler. It was the day of the island's biggest event, market day at Teguise. This, apparently, is a huge event, and there certainly were plenty of stalls lining the narrow streets. Ollie had said we needed to get there early ahead of the coach crowds, in fact we were so early, many of the stall owners were still setting up. Actually I think the poor weather had kept the crowds away, we certainly didnt stay that long as it got really cold and a light drizzle driven on by strong winds made it a very unpleasant experience.

Kelly and Ollie pick out some crafted goodies.

Kelly and Ol bought a lovely tea candle holding set, and we bought a hand crafted, sand blasted wine bottle holder but then we high tailed it back to the warmth of the villa.

Poor weather meant we didnt stay to watch the entertainment.

The dismal weather was only equaled by the dismal performance of the England football players in the World cup game against Germany with us loosing 4-2.

The calm before the disappointment

To cheer ourselves up we decided it was an 'eating out' evening, but we couldnt decide where to go. In the end, we dropped the kids off at their fav restaurant while we ventured further afield into Arrecife. Well of couse, this is us, and a holiday wouldnt be a holiday if we didnt manage to get lost at least once. First we couldnt find the seafront, then we couldnt find a parking place, and getting home.............

The whole town seemed to be built on the premise that every road needed to be one-way, there should be no left hand turns, and no-where should there be any road signs/names ESPECIALLY on roundabouts.
We did manage to stop the car though, and had a lovely evening stroll together along the prom,

Strolling? along the prom in Arrecife

followed by one of the best ever, tender sorloin steaks I have ever eaten, topped off by an italian type ice-cream from an ice-cream parlour.

Meanwhile, as the only customers, Ollie and Kelly had got a lift home from their restaurant by the owner, a good job as it took us another hour to navigate back the 5 min drive to the Villa.

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