Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lack of photos

I had loads more photos I wanted to put in the last post but blooger wasnt playing nicely. Lets hope it plays nice for this post.

With only 2 full days left of our time in Lanzarote, we were eager to make sure we did all the things we had promised ourselves we would do. Kelly persuaded Ollie that they really did want to go to the aquarium but I had only visited the London one with them in May and wasnt keen to go again so soon. The solution was that we drove into Costa Teguise together, and then go our seperate ways.

We wanted to just walk round and take in the town, and were happy to see the authorities has marked several circular walks to do just that. We started walking along the prom, past the large posh hotels, and then seemed to arrive on the outskirts of town
We seemed to have come the wrong way round to see the sights, but all the same we had fun on the keep fit machines before moving on, through a cactus type garden.
We couldnt see where the route went after that so made our way through some back roads, and had just arrived in a more civalised part when the kids phoned us to say they had finished in the aquarium. Obviously there hadnt been enough fish to keep them occupied for more than 20 mins.

We met up and had a rather strange lunch (spanish omlette made with chips instead of potatoes???) in a beach top bar before returning to the villa.

We were aware that there would be a guy coming to sound out the pipes in order to find the leak, and we were not surprised to find them at the villa on our return. They had sounded all over the grounds and villa but hadnt found the leak so decided to dig a test hole to see if they could find the pipework where it entered the house to see if they could follow it round and discover the leak that way.

We read our books in the shade while the guys continued to dig more holes, join pipes and eventually leave, unsuccessull to return when the owner was in residence.

T he weather improved enough in the evening for us to move into the garden and read by the pool, only for the next lot of excitement to occur, two police cars, three policemen and a police dog turned up at the villa across the road!!

It all happens on our holidays.

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