Thursday, July 22, 2010

I really should have finished writing up our holiday in Lanzarote by now, but blogger's temprementality over putting up my photos, coupled with the new job taking up time, and the very hot muggy weather has kinda delayed things. Luckily I havn't any crafty stuff done that needs urgently sharing (same reasons as above have zapped my mojo) and tbh not much has been happening in my life other than (see above).

So, the last bit (finally).

After the workers had finished digging holes all over the villa and we had had a bit of a chill out (and all the other other excitment that was going on) we drove into Porta de Camon for a game of crazy golf. There were very few other people in there as it was the dead time before dinner when everyone from the beach was off getting showered and changed for an evening out, so it was really relaxing, and although it wasnt a terrific course in the terms of crazy golf, we all had a good time.

Kelly had promised me a stroll along the prom, pretending to be a tourist, browsing the cheesy tourist shops and choosing from the many bars and cafes for our evening meal. It didnt turn out like that though. The road to the seafront was shut for repairs so we ad to take the long way round to the 'old town and harbour' which was apparently the better part of the town to visit. When we got there, lots of 'improvements' had been made and the harbour and any sea views had been blocked by huge concrete cubes piled up presumably for sea defence. The kiddies park was devoid of all its swings and toys, and become a concrete expanse of boring nothingness.

There was no shops (tourist or other kind) and of the half a dozen or so cafes/restaurants, half of them had their waiters our, bombarding passers by with menus, something we all hate and, being contray made us choose one of the other eaterys even though the view across the bay was obscured.

Our meal was lovely although service was a little slow as all the waiters (in all cafes that night I assume) were watching the Spain v Portugal match. Our waiters had obviously been told they could only wear their team tee-shirs if Spain scored, as when the shout went out for the goal, all the staff vanished, only to return with large grins and Spain strip.

Our final day and at last the sun came out with a vengence, so it was a full day by the pool, finishing off the last of our books, and the last of the food and booze. We could go home with a tan and our heads held high since back home we knew there was a heat wave going on.

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