Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monday rolls around again.

Monday on holiday that is.

The weather kinda matched the mood after the defeat of our country's football team in the World Cup, dull and dismal. We decided it was a good day to go visit the fire mountain as hopefully it wouldnt be too hot.

Ollie drove the hire car there, and on the way stopped at the information centre so we could get a general overview. We werent that impressed when it turned out the simulation of a vulcanic erupton was only working 40% - basically this meant we stood in a darkened underground room and had our eardrums blasted with very loud thunder type noises, then saw a small puff of steam through a hole in the wall.

The lava fields are advertised as 'stunning' and gives a real feel for the history and landscape of the island .... in truth there is little to see but miles of rocks,
but I did enjoy the time spent trying to get decent photos of craters and small mountain eruption holes through the coach window without getting any reflections back. I dont think I was very successful.

You can also have your lunch in the mountain top restaurant
where the food is cooked over an open pit sinced the temp of the mountain internally is still over 400 C despite the last eruption being over 200 years ago. We were able to enjoy the guides demonstrating this as they poured cold water down drill holesonly for it to return in a jet of hot steam,or igniting drytwigs laid in open holes simply combusted by the rising heat.
After that the kids took us to the 'Black beach' at Cala el Golfo to see the black lava sand, the green lagoon and to paddle a bit in the sea. This was quite fun especially since the rock bed we were paddling in was very slippy and nearly all of us took a small tumble at some point.By the time we returned to the Villa the weather had heated up, the clouds cleared away and we were able to laze by the pool with our books.

Game tournaments were abandoned as a coachroach had passed away in the games room and was providing great sport for a whole heap of ants who had formed a long chain gang to disect and cart off the remains!

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jo said...

Have enjoyed looking at your photos - we went to Lanzarote on our honeymoon almost 20 years ago. The hotel we had booked was doublebooked so they put us up in the 5 star one right on the beach instead - we weren't going to complain.