Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Having spent all day Sunday sewing under a very bright table lamp (since the light in my sewing machine had blown) it was hardly supprising that the migraine I had supported all of Saturday returned on Monday. Another day not only in bed sleeping but also throwing up too, so no crafty stuff at the beginning of the week. I have lots of stuff planned though, I want to make a few Tilda angels and ducks for the bathroom before starting on a quilt for the bedroom, and I have found a super pattern for a crochet cardi that I am trying to find reasonably priced yarn for, alongside a storage case for all my crochet hooks.
I have managed to finish the little book in a tin album I started with the kit Martin put in my stocking.

On Wednesday, with our share savers payout burning a hole in our bank account we spent the day at Bluewater's shopping centre intending to treat ourselves to something nice. Unfortunaltly we just couldnt think of anything we needed or really wanted with a burning desire. We wandered around a bit, had lunch in TGI Friday, wandered around a bit more, bought Martin a jumper, wandered, bought Mart another jumper (and only because the kids had accused him of wearing the same jumper the whole time) and then had all but given up when, in a desperate single bid to save the economy with the purchase of a new sewing machine bulb, we were nabbed by the guy demo'ing the nexpresso coffee making machines. Well yes of course we were hooked, but I have to say it is a great machine and we are enjoying full fat home made lattes left right and centre.
Then we took advantage, for the first time ever, of Orange Wednesday and went to see The King's Speech. We really enjoyed it and yes it definately is worth all the hype.

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