Sunday, January 09, 2011

So that didnt work out so well

I may have been determined when I posted last but things have a habit of turning out differently dont they?

The sewing machine issue kinda resolved itself. So fed up with surfing the net for a new machine, I finally told Martin to take the old one down and get it repaired, at least until I could get my mitts on a new one. While I was at work he decided he would have a look at it, and after he changed the fuse it decided to power up.

Now dont get me wrong and think 'silly little woman didnt think of that did she?' Err yes I did, I had already changed the fuse and it hadnt worked. Obviously the fuse I changed it to must also have been dead, as I had tried it from an old plug, not knowing where Martin had stashed all the new fuses. Mind it still needs a new bulb, it was probably that blowing that blew the fuse.

Anyway whatever, at least I got some sewing done, and as my fabric had turned up from ebay I was able to make a couple of little 'boxes' for the bathroom following Tone Finnanger's pattern in Sew Pretty Homestyle.

I am quiet proud of them really as I had to combine two patterns to get the look I wanted and it took quite a bit of brain power to work it out.

They are to match the bathroom curtains which I am even more proud of as I had nothing more to go on than a picture off the web.

I had hoped to get some scrapping done too, and have all the photos printed out ready, but sadly a migraine laid me low yesterday, a proper one with tunnel vision and everything, so I spent most of the day asleep. Today Martin has gone with Ollie and Kelly to watch Tottenham v Charlton, which has allowed me the chance to sew away to my hearts content and maybe do a bit of scrapping later tonight.

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