Sunday, March 13, 2011

Long time no blog post

Things that have been happening in my life lately
  1. Had my eyes tested, paid out over £580, and now have snazzy new glasses but more importantly can now see!
  2. Manned up and went to the dentist, need two fillings, will have nice nashers but be too poor to eat as 'no hole' dentures come in at £280
  3. Some unnamed git face scrapped the back of my car stripping the paint work down the metal. Car only 3 months old :(
  4. Kelly came down and we had a lovely day crafting - I completed a double layout for one of the 2peas stamping challenges
  5. RIP my mum's step brother Dave who passed away last week
  6. Martin has had the week off to decorate. The front room now has new plaster, a new window ledge, a new light switch and is all freshly painted a soft Almond White colour. Just a few more bits and bobs to do to finish it off (photos will follow)
  7. Quilt is slowly progressing but I need more fabric to ake the border.
  8. The kids and Martin all went up to see Spurs v Milan. Martin, Wayne and Craig took nearly 4 hours to get there because a quarter mile stretch of road had been shut and they had to detour round the whole of London, but they arrived in time and enjoyed the match
  9. We emptied, cleaned and refilled the hot tub
  10. Seedlings in the greenhouse all died due to another cold snap.
  11. We had all the radiators sorted, nice plumber man put new temp controlled valves on them all, replaced the shot rad in the lounge, sorted out the leak in the boiler and then flushed them all through (first time in 25 years!). We now have wonderfully warm rooms.
I think that about covers it.

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