Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wot I has been doing.

This really boils down to not a lot.

I have been working 4 days a week for the Children's centre and with a 56 mile round trip a day this is kinda wiping me out so my day off is usually a half hearted attempt at some show of housework, and the rest of the day chilling between the telly and the computer with a little bit of pottering in the garden (a half hearted attempt at weeding) or some sewing. I have half a quilt made, the start of some applique for a peg bag, and a sewing machine cover that still needs a hem on it.

I have made 3 digital Layouts which I cant share as they are entries for the UKS Scrapfactor competition. I have no intentions of winnning, I only entered because Scrap Dolly seemed desperate to get some digi scrappers joining in, and its so long since I uploaded anything to UKS I have probably stuck them in the wrong gallery anyways. We shall see.

Today I have to go have two fillings, go to the opticians to get my 10 day old glasses straightened and if time nip in the hairdressers and get them to chop some off my hair. Mmm my hair. lLast weekend I had a go at dying in for myself, Laura usually does this for me but being in week 26 of growing her bump doesnt want to be near the chemicals. I got a couple of the new mouse type ones as Tesco had them on offer for a £5 each. One was close to my own colour (Light Brown on the label) and the other was called Hot Brown and on the labels showed beautiful rich golden brown shades. What I got was orange!! A dark but spicy orange with purple type highlights when the light shines wrong on it. Its very different and I am still not sure I go much on it, but so many people at work and at home have said it looks good, so I am sticking with it for a while and may get used to it.

I do just want to congratulate my Kelly though as she got her official results and has obtained a first in her accountancy degree. She is rightly very proud of herself and I am very proud of her!

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