Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Welcome baby Finley

The most important catch up and news to go on my blog. The arrival of my very first grandson, and congratulations to Wayne and Laura.

7lbs 3 oz

I had a phone call from Wayne at around half 4 on Thursday to say that Laura had gone into labour. Reading between the lines I kinda guessed she wanted me to be there so I hopped in the car down to Ramsgate, I stayed until gone 8 pm, and all the time Laura was having contractions every three minutes, so I was more than expecting a night time phone call to say the baby had been born.

No, we had an undisturbed nights sleep so at work the next morning I was a bit aggitated that I hadn't heard anything. Finally the nursery ma
nager persuaded me to text Wayne and find out if there was any news. He immediately texted back to say they were only just taking her into the labour ward.

On tender hooks all morning, I drove the mum's at the toddler group crazy pacing round with my mobile in hand, and when a text came through just before 12am a collective breath was held as they all waited to find out what she had had, and how the new mum was. Out of luck, it was only a progress report and she was still in labour

Obviously it was going to be a long haul. Another update from from Wayne around 4 oclock, still not ready to arrive yet.

Finally at 8.10 pm Friday night, the text we had all been waiting for, after around 32 hours labour Laura had finally given birth to a little boy.

I knew visiting wasnt until 4 oclock on the Saturday and I knew Laura had no intentions of staying in, so I held my patience to meet the little lad sometime in the afternoon. Yet again circumstances dictated different. A conversation with Wayne and it seemed our new youngster was being a tad fussy as a feeder and until he had had a full meal the hospital were not disch
arging him, so instead another phone call and I was off to Ramesgate again to finally meet the new addition to the family. As I parked up I realised I was driving virtually on empty. Those who know me, know I dont do petrol so this was going to proove a bit of a problem, but I was too excited to worry about that.

Laura looked amazing for someone who had just been through such a long labour, but having established that she was fine it was time for a hug with the babe. She was trying to feed him, but although he latched on fine, he just refused to suck. Mmmm, I remember a similar problem with a small one of mine!!!

Laura and Finley both looking amazing after their ordeal.

Eventually with the use of some expressed milk, some formula and both a cup and a bottle plus a student nurse, we managed to top up the child's reserves, and then Laura was desperate to go home. Finally, first feed

The hospital on the other hand had other ideas, they said they couldn't stop her from discharging but they were not happy that he hadnt established feeding and wanted her to stay over for the night. Yet the hospital staff were run off their feet (more from lack of staff rather than lots of mummies and babies) and calling for a nurse could take over half an hour for a response. None of us could see how staying in was going to be of any practical use, and it was only stressing both Laura and the baby. Eventually we did leave but not without an emergency run to Tesco to buy formula (and petrol), a whole heck of waiting about, a bit of form filling and a promise from me to stay over the night with Wayne and Laura as moral support.

The waiting to go home had been broken up in the afternoon by a visit from Wayne's mum and dad, and since it was so late when we finally got out the hospital (half 11!!) Grandad Martin met his grandson at home, having been dragged out of bed to come over LOL

Grandad Martin getting his first hold

Welcome to the family little baby George

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Kathryn said...

oh Yizz, he is beautiful, and I really hope that mum, dad and baby are doing ok now. I remember only too well what a stressful time those first few weeks are.