Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being a Steward

This is a photo of Martin decked out in his gear as a Steward at this years Open Golf Tournament held at Royal St George Sandwich.

Sandwich is only a few miles away from us so I guess we kinda take it for granted. It was really interesting to see all the signs going up and all the extra traffic coming down to watch. I had to go to Fowlmeads Park (which is quite nearby) , for work, several days before the start of the golf, and while there we bumped into 3 van loads of policemen. They had been drafted in from Maidstone, as they were cyclists and motorbike traffic police.

Anyway back to Martin. All the local gold clubs were asked to supply volunteers to act as stewards, to direct and control the crowds. Martin immediately booked one of his weeks annual leave and put his name down for the whole week.

Lucky him, he was picked for most days - although the guy organising the men wasnt very good at organisation and forgot that they would all need cover for comfort breaks, meaning Mart got another extra day's work half way through. They were all given a jacket, a hat, a couple of 'quiet' paddles, £10 a day lunch vouchers, and a ticket that got them in for the whole week. They also had lots of freebies while there - a 15 min golf lesson with a pro - free goes in the golf simulators - the chance to stand out in the wind and rain ......

He was under strict instructions to come home with photos of the players too, but he failed miserably and in fact the only photos I do have were taken by someone else on their mobile phone.

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