Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Gosh, so much to blog about.

I have been so busy having fun that I havent really had chance to blog about all the things I have been up to lately. And now I have a few mins to writie it all up I am not sure I can recall all of it but I will have a good try. Gonna do it in several posts.

Post 1

Laura's birday July 3rd (or is it?)

At the start of July it was Laura's 26th birthday and to cel
ebrate, for a change we all went over to her place for a bbq. And for another change the weather was really hot and sunny. Of course poor Laura was heavily pregnant
so it wasnt that pleasant for her, but the rest of us sat in the back garden and got throughly sun tanned (or burnt in Wayne's case) and enjoyed the food and company.

Now here's a thing, and I admit to being a very bad bad mummy. I got the days mixed up..not the dates, I do know the date of my own daughter's birthday. I just happened to have it in my head that the 3rd was not the sunday we were all blowing out candles but was the Monday, so I didnt take her a card or a present. In fact it took me quite a while to understand why everyone was giving her hugs and saying happy birthday when I was convinced there was still a day to go. Boy did I feel pretty low when I finally cottoned on. Luckily Laura found it funny and we all had a laugh over my stupidity. And it purlonged the birthday celebrations for 1 more day too.

Anyway I have promised to take her out after the baby is born to buy her some clothes for herself

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