Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog post catch up 2

Debden with the girlies

On the weekend of 8th - 10th July Kelly and I joined a lovely lovely bunch of ladies for a crafting, eating, drinking and laughing weekend in Debden. It is arranged amongst a group of us friends who met up on UKscrappers way back in 2003, who later moved to our own forum and who now get together once a year irl. I went 3 years ago and was very very nervous but I didnt need to be as the girls are such kind and welcoming people and all up for a good laugh.

It was Kelly's first time away with us though, as she has only recently joined our little group, although she has known these same ladies for several years on UKS too. She met up with me at Lakeside (where I had been for a few hours window shopping) and then she braved the M25 and my bad navigating to get us there.

Once settled in, fed and watered, we walked into the room set aside for our scrapping to be greated by this table of treats curtesy of the geogeous and talented Debbie.

We had a terrific weekend, one laugh that went on the whole weekend was taking the rise out of poor Ann who had recently celebrated a significant birthday, so we finished on Sunday afternoon by sharing the remains of a cupcake and singing happy birthday.

I didnt take many photos as I was too busy scrapping and having fun, but thanks ladies, and I am so looking forward to next year.


PhotoJenique said...

Wasn't it fun??? See you next year xx

PhotoJenique said...

Gah! Can't comment from my proper blog Oh well!