Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CV Madam?

If you claim Jobseeker's allowance (which I am in order to get my National Insurance stamp paid) you have to agree to do at least three things a week in order to find yourself a job. So last week I signed up to Fish4jobs, and on a whim applied for a Trainee Microbiologist vacancy. I dont think I have much chance of getting it, after all its twelve years since I got my Science degree and I haven't really had call to use it much teaching 4 year olds.

Yesterday I got a phone call from someone claiming to have had my cv passed on to them from Fish4 jobs - convo went like this

Them: You have all the right qualifications and educational background but your cv lets you down so you havent been chosen this time.
Me: Oh right, what should I do about that?
Them: Would you like to talk to the recruiter about it?

Following my affirmative, I am left hanging for some time, then the original caller comes back

Them: I have spoken to the recruiter (I thought you were going to get him to talk to me?) and he says that its down to your CV. In light of the short time before the cut off date to apply (I thought you said I hadnt been successful, now your saying I havent been put forward yet?) he suggests you get a professional to write your cv for you.
Me: Ok what do I do?
Them: We have an account which means that it usually costs £99 but we can get it done for £39 which you would get refunded if we got you the job?
Me: (finally realising what this was about) Well as you appreciate I am unemployed so I would have to ask my husband to pay that but he isn't here.
Them: We are here until 6 tonight
Me: My husband wont be home until 9
Them: You can leave a message or phone me in the morning (Hang on I thought this was urgent?)
Me: Could I not just send you my own cv
Them: We already have your cv
Me (and here's the clincher) No you don't, you have what Fish4jobs wrote using the answers to the questions I answered on their site, they wrote that cv, I never sent in my own because I applied through their website. My CV isnt skills based though.
Them: (after pause and some excuses about not knowing how Fish4jobs works) It does need to be skilled based
Me Ok I will write a skilled based one and send it to you.

Honestly! How many people fall for this? I was disgusted that, already in a vunerable position of being unemployed there are sharks out there ready to prey on you.

I have been scrapping and have actually finished a paper LO! I will try and scan it in later today.

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