Friday, February 23, 2007


A couple of digi LO's I have been playing with. This one is of me and my younger brother taken on the hill at Pegwell Bay when we went to see the viking ship. No idea who the little fella in the middle is, he just happened to be there for some reason and came over for the photo call.

Shabby Princess Seasonal Sampler Winter
Katie Hatfield Doodle arrow
Shabby Princess Festival Frame
Colleen Lynch Sweetpea Kit

And this one is Laura taken last summer as she was watching Wayne play cricket.

Shabby princess colourful corners
Katie and Kirsty's Kit
I made this today doodles
Colleen Lynch Sweetpea kit

The plans for the wedding are down to final details now, one of which is the hen party and also the 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Kelly had asked me to find the baby blue garter that she had had as a youngster as part of a dressing up outfit so that it would cover old and blue. All dressing up clothes from when the girls were kids had gone up in the attic so she also asked that while I was up there I measure the internal doors stored there to see if they would fit her house. For some reason it seems a hobby of the people who own houses before us to take the doors off and put them in the attic space. There were 7 in our attic when we moved in, although all the rooms in the house did have doors hung on them. We left them up there and used as floor boards, making it less likely for Martin to fall between the joists and through the ceiling (he still did). And Kelly only has two internal doors in the whole house, seems the previous ocupier took them all away. So it seemed a good idea to see if the ones in our loft fitted her doorways.

I went up to look in the attic on Wednesday. I couldnt find the garter and the doors were hidden behind a pile of boxes so I asked Martin to measure them. Somewhere between getting his tape measure out of the shed and climbing into the attic he managed to harbour a wasp in the sleeve of his fleece though and, yes, it stung him not once but about 4/5 times. He then had an alergic reaction so that by the time he came home from work yesterday his arm from his knuckles to his elbow looked like the leg of an elephant. The pain we suffer for our kids! And whats worse it turns out the doors wont fit Kelly's doorways either.

Tomorrow morning the bridesmaids have their fittings and Kelly is collecting her dress to bring down and give us all a show, then tomorrow night is the hen night. We are off to stay in a hotel, enjoy the pool and spa and then a meal (dress not optional, cowgirl theme) followed by silly games in the hotel rooms. I must go put the camera batteries on charge.

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