Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from across the pond.

Gosh what a fabby holiday we have had, I want to write it all up in detail but alas sky is playing up and limiting my limitless BB package at the mo, I shall see how far I get.

I have put on half a stone, been bitten, have blisters on my feet, jet lagged and a pile of ironing (having waded through two suitcases of washing yesterday). But it was certainly worth it.

While I have been away UKS have been hosting a three week cybercrop. I couldnt take part in much but I have played with some of my new stash goodies and lifted one of the amazing ScrapDolly's LO's for the Sunday scraplift challenge.

Dolly's is here

and this is my version

So this is going to be long and boring but I need to record it all someplace or I will forget all the fun we had.

Day 1- Leaving for Orlando

Dad had kindly offered (ok been pressganged) to drive us to Gatwick. I had given him very clear instructions on what time to come collect us, but he still managed to get
it a bit wrong. Poor Martin was in the conservatory ringing Mum and Dad to ensure they have got up, at the same time I am staggering downstairs in my PJ's to let them in at the front door! There has obviously been a bit of a domestic over it as Mum is certainly not happy at being dragged out of bed at 4.30 instead of 5.30 am!!

So a smooth departure, and even more improved when we spend an interesting hour sitting on the plane staring at the window to gate 25 while some hoppo legs it up to PC World to buy a new sensor for one the zillions of important monitors on board our plane - probably the one to say the tea kettle has boiled for the pilot, meaning we finally took off at 12.30 instead of 11. And let me tell you, 10 hours squished up on a plane long haul is really not fun.

Of course it was so worth it all for the glorious weather that met us as we pic
ked up our hire car!

The tropical shower and hurricane type winds didnt last long though, thank goodness, but humidity was high all week.

Day 2

We woke up to this veiw from our hotel room window, as we were on the side of Wet and Wild, and slightly set back from International Drive. There were real live turtles swimming in that lake.

And below us, the pool.

Breakfast in the Ramada was complimentary (for some reason this had replaced the bar which was a strange choice) and on the first morning was full of Portugese and Latino's who all seemed to know what they were doing. It turned out it really was a free for all, grab food and table and eat as much as you wanted. Fine, fun but took a bit of getting used to.

We had done as suggested and made an itinary, our first task to attend the MyTravel welcome meet, but the rep turned up at our table and suggested that if we didnt really w
ant to spend the whole day listening to her rabbit on, best not go. So instead we got in our car and went out to explore a little.

Watch this space - more adventures to follow!

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