Monday, October 22, 2007

Back home with a reality bump.

I wanted to get all my holiday details on here but as ever real life gets in the way. So there are a few bits need recording before continuing with the good stuff.

On Thursday, because my CRB check has finally come through, I got a call at 8.40 asking me to go teach - in the school literally next door to the one I used to. It was really weird as some of the kids I was teaching in Year 4 were ones I had taught in reception. And the TA was one of the first TA's I had ever worked with in the other school.

Not only that but my best mate Jan works there, so we caught up on each other's news in the break. I was devasted to learn that her husband and our friend was due to have important and urgent open heart surgery!!

On Saturday Martin phoned me soon after he had gone to work to say he had had another break down (stress) and the manager and area manager were suggesting he step down a grade. He has decided to do this and in two weeks time should be moving to another store to become Warehouse manager.

And craft wise, I have now turned the house upside down looking for my cutting ruler and my zison scissors to no avail.

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