Monday, October 22, 2007

Sea World continued

There is just so much to see in this Theme park, much of which I didnt photograph because light levels were difficult without a tripod but setting up a tripod to catch moving animals is just plain stupid. So some of these photos are mine, others I have 'borrowed from the seaworld site. From the dolphin show we went to see them being fed. You have to pay for food and the queue was very long. Its sold by the amount of fish not the amount of people in line so we didnt bother, just watched as others fed them.
Then we continued on to see the Manatees. I had been looking forward to this as I thought they were likened to dolphins, but I was less keen on them. They are very large bloated looking creatures with small heads and they move very slowly. Most of those in the park had been rescued so had chunks out of them from where they had been caught in propellors or attacked by other animals. It was a bit of a rush to cross the park and get to the Shamu show, but we still got reasonable seats. Americans can be very sentimental and this show was very full of 'stand up for our Millitary Heroes' and 'go for your dreams'.

Quite powerful but not for 'the British stiff upperlip' really, so we found it all a bit squirmy and embarrassing. The Whales were good though.

We snagged a quick snack of hot dogs and chips (crisps to us) and then went to see the rest of the park. We were actually heading for the sealions but ended up in the Artic World where the Baluga whales, and the polar bears are housed. Here the light is kept really low and the temp really cold so that the animals think it is the real thing. The theme is an artic research station so you walk through corrigated iron corridors full of mock 'supply' boxes and old fashion machines run with valves using old wind up handles. Its difficult to see the Baluga's in the dark and they move pretty fast.
And as usual the Polar Bear was asleep somewhere behind the icebergs - although we did see his nose.

Back ouside and the park is getting ready for Halloween. There is an additional evening show (which you pay more for) to see Shuma in the scary show. These displays were all over the park.

After that , it was a quick walk through the tunnel to see the sharks, and coral fish, time to see the sealions and then we opted to go back once more and see the Dolphin show as we had enjoyed it so much before heading out the park.


TraceyT said...

your photos are amazing - we loved seaworld when we went, the baby whalte had jsut been born at that time (2006 i think it was )

scrapdolly said...

Seaworld is our fave park - Blue Horizons is awesome and always makes me cry.
The kids laugh when ever I am asked whatmy dream job is - it is always a shamu trainer (aka last page of my all my own work entry on my blog)

Dinner with Shamu was awesome too