Friday, November 23, 2007

A nagged blogger

My youngest daughter has had a little moan about my lack of blogging updates lately (*little wave to Laura*). I mentioned in a little email to the supply agency that more supply would be nice and suddenly they are phoning me with work at every moment of the day. Now I would have thought a supply agency would know when you were actually in the classroom teaching and not ring you on your mobile, but the young ladies running my SA don't seem to be worried about how unprofessional answering your mobile in the middle of a lesson is. Mine is a really old Nokia, despite being a computer wizz I just cant seem to get the hang of mobile phones, their menu logic doesnt work for me, so even with my simple antique there are still features I cant get to grips with, and the silent ring is one of them. I like to have my mobile on because only my direct family (and the SA) have my number so if it does ring it is likely to be for a family emergency.

Anyway all that was to say why I hadnt blogged, I am either covering other teachers or too tired to be bothered to blog. Plus the end of the cold is still hanging about, making me feel down in the dumps so I havent even taken glue and scissors to paper in any meaningful way. I have started projects, but the minute any thinking is involved, I have pushed them to one side and surfed the net instead.


Today I am not working.

Today I feel much more positive.

Today I am going to start organising my Christmas shopping

And on Monday I have an interview for a full time job!

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lyzzydee said...

Am I too late to cross my fingers for your interview?? Good luck