Friday, November 16, 2007

SAD - its winter

I think I have been suffering a bit from SAD this week, I have felt really fed up and not really been able to set my mind to much. I have done some supply work at several schools this week, suddenly I am Miss Popularity at the agency and they not only keep offering me work but also want me to write a testimonial for them. I have just finished two days at a school with, shall we say, pupils with somewhat challenging behaviour? So as well as being down in the dumps I am now exhausted. And i still cant shake the last of this cold.

And to top it all on Monday I have to go have my 13 week interview at the Job Centre, who have asked for loads of paperwork I dont have. I'm not sure when I am supposed to look for jobs and fill in application forms?

On the plus side Martin is really enjoying his new role at work so thats a positive. He definately looks much happier and healthier.

Anyway my images from the second Magnolia Stamp swap arrived today, and that jolted me into making a fe
w more cards. These are not from the image swap but are actually my own stamp.

Background papers Barbara Schiefer snowflake collection, DMD Joy stamp, lots of stickles and peewee glitter, glittery paints from The Works and snowflake die is a thincut I think

Background paper K Teague Berry Days (2 peas in a bucket), more glittery paint, Studio g stamp, holly leaf punch, more peewee glitter and staedtler triplus fineliner pens.

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Sue said...

Aww Sorry you're fed up . I would gladly hibernate till spring!
Hope you have a better week. Good luck with the form filling.
Love the cards..i need to do some!