Thursday, July 03, 2008

My mummy's baby's birthday

It was my youngest ones birthday today - she is 23 already.

Happy birthday

I sort of got called in to work but 2
mins after booking me they called back to say the school had changed its mind. So I went out to Asda instead and got some make up pressies for Laura and a few tops and pair of trousers in the sale. Why am I two sizes bigger on the top than the bottom? It makes buying clothes so difficult. Hopefully all the time I am spending on the wii fit will help improve matters?

Not when we went over to take the birthday pressies and ended up eating huge chunks of black forest gateaux. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Time to leave

I was really
disappointed that we didn't see any bears in the park.
We headed out of Oakland and cut across country towards San Francisco. We had come out of the park at the North end having gone in at the North end, and to be honest the journey back towards San Fran was pretty boring, as for the most part it was all flat farmland. Except as we went through the mountain pass we saw the hugest
reservoir ever.

We did finally manage to find where to put the water in the car for the windscreen wash though so at least we could see out the windows as we drove!

Mid afternoon we stopped at a large cafe come attraction area. This had apparently started out as a small stall selling cherries, but over time as its popularity as a stopping place increased, it grew until there was a cafe, a huge veg/fruit shop, a gift shop, a kiddies play park, a train ride and this little mate.

Finally we hit the outskirts of San Francisco at 3 o'clock. Martin had read in my AA travel guide book that I had bought with us, that there was a hotel situated in a road containing most of the hotels in the city, with good reviews. We drove around a bit but got completely lost even with a street map. We saw the bottom end of the
crookedist road in the world (as used in many a movie car chase), and Telegraph hill with amazing views across the whole of the Bay area, but still couldnt find the hotel.

Eventually we got out and walked, asking people in the street as we passed them. None knew of the place we wanted although they all tried to be as helpful as they could. Finally someone gave us directions but it was a bit from where we were so we went back for the car. When we finally did find the place it looked really run down and totally cheap and nasty. No wonder it had good reviews in the AA book, it was AA registered, of course they were going to big up their own places! Across the road was the Cow Hollow motor inn though,

and at $101 a night was just the ticket. Car parking was free, and we had a room that must have had a floor space equal to the whole of the floor space of our home. We never managed to find the Best Western that Dolly said she always stayed in, but we were more than comfortable for the few days we had left of our stay.

After settling in - and unpacking, finally I could stop living out or a suitcase and hang up my Fisherman's wharf. This was a very long walk, across a park, through a shopping precinct (
Safeways to be exact) and up a rather steep hill. We loved the place on sight though. The park was full of dog walkers and joggers, and Fisherman's Wharf reminded me of Margate.

There was a talented sax player busking on the sea front and we stopped to watch a spray
paint artiste making pictures of the bay at sunset. We had just the best T-bone steaks in Jack's bar for only £6 each, and finally caught the street car back.

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