Tuesday, July 15, 2008

With all me pad mates


On Friday I set off for a fab weekend with some of the talented girls from the pad, to scrap, relax and laugh. Em and Maria met me in Bluewaters and we travelled up together (with the obligatory stop at Artbase on the way. Artbase was showing a distinctive lack of stock so was very disappointing, the weekend wasn't though. The company was fantastic and although I felt like death warmed up with a rotten cough and cold, I had a really good time, scrapped 2 and a half LO's plus a digi one, got to meet a heap of lovely lovely ladies and didn't manage to have a nervous moment the whole weekend.
A big thanks to all the girls who organised it all so well and to all the girls who made me feel at home.

Only two more days of my USA holiday to describe - its been taking me a while to get it all written up here. Next time we go away I am definitely taking the laptop and writing it as I go along.

So -San Francisco day 2, part 2

Having munched our subways in the square, and had a short walk around Bloomingdales,

Martin and I caught the cable car to check out the suggested Cable Car museum. Although quite small, it is housed in the wheel house where all the underground cables come together and are turned, it was really interesting.

The cables move at a constant 9 miles per hour so the cars can go no faster than that. There was also heaps about the earthquake that devastated SF

We then took the cable car out to look round North Beach, well at least that was where we thought we were going. We actually ended up in China Town which was really a small collection of Chinese shops. We treated ourselves to a large cream cake and a coffee before heading back to the hotel.

I had really fancied a KFC since we do not have one near enough to us at home and I could see one from the hotel, so we went over to order chicken (with that wonderful secret Col. Saunders recipe) and chips. We were disappointed to find that they no longer do chips - wraps or jackets only) and there was no corn on the cob side. It took us ages to decide what to have instead, but finally fed, we collapsed into bed and watched back to back episodes of Law and Order. We were way to tired after all the fresh air and walking (plus the 5.30 wake up call) to do much else.

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