Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Things going on

*Kelly fixed up her laptop as a webcam, and showed me her house! Now I am waiting for her to be on line again as I have figured out how to use my Fuji as a webcam too.
*Applied for a reading recovery teacher job
*Supply work very thin on the ground in last weeks of summer term
*Martin is on a 7 day week due to training to drive his forklift truck.
*We joined Laura and and Wayne for a drink at the pub quiz last night
*Mum and Dad got a new dvd player/recorder and


Ollie had promised to look out for one for me on the stock register, and texted me at half 3 to say Ashford sainsbury had 2 in store. I phoned to reserve but both the customer service desk and the electrical dept manager denied having any in. I texted Ollie back who ten mins later phoned to say he had reserved on for me if I got there before 6. I was supposed to be staying in for a phone call from some market research firm, but hey! Wii fit is far more important. Of course when I got there I am first told they dont have any, then my name is recognised but the dept manager is in a meeting, but finally some 15 mins later I have it in my grasp. I am so grateful to Ollie as these machines really like gold dust, and so proud of myself for driving the 22 miles there without getting lost.

Of course having got on it and had my BMI and weight recorded I am not so proud, but the edge was taken off this when Martin was told he was also overweight and his BMI was too high too.

OK I did some paper crafting. I have been busy getting page kits ready for my weekend away with all my pad friends, meeting most of them for the first time, but Make the Moment Last were having a sale so I treated myself to a few bits. When they arrived I was instantly inspired and had this one made within an hour.

Its all very 3 D but my camera cards are still full with stuff from our road trip so I have had to use the scanner.

Road trip continued - Yosimite.

After Martin had snoozed for a short time, we set off once again to go into the park itself. Shadows were getting long in the afternoon so I was a bit concerned about paying to get in, but it turned out to be $20 for a 7 day pass. The river continued to tumble along beside us the whole way in and I took heaps and heaps of photos which I wont bore you all with here but it really was stunning to follow.

*Note to Yosimite park rangers, giving tourists a 3 inch thick guide book to drivers as they go through the gate is a bad idea, especially as the book contained the map yet we were driving a single track road with no stopping points!

As we drove on the views were stunning

but even we were not prepared to turn a bend and see this!

We finally reached the car park and got out to follow the slippery and somewhat steep, yet not too far trail to the bottom of Bridelveil waterfall.

Now all the photos I have been sticking up here are unedited, (you have to wait for the LO's for the edited versions) so quality is not brilliant, especially those shot through an increasingly dty car side window, and my camera is getting to be a bit of an old lady now, I really am due an upgrade. I know I cant compete with the Japanese who walk round with 3 expensive bits of equipment slung about their person. So when a young Japanese lad offered to take our photos I really was expecting brilliant shots.

I guess he didnt realise water is wet and effects the lens! I had the curtesy to wipe the lens dry and protect his camera from the spray as I returned the compliment and took his photo.

We were so amused, that although not very PC we had fun spotting the tourists, the Germans who had come kitted out in sturdy hiking boots, backpacks, hats, and carrying shooting sticks, the Americans taking feet after feet of movie video of trees and rocks, the English in their shirt sleeves carrying only their mobile phones.

We had intended carrying on to see the park from Glacia point, but half way there realised that we needed petrol. There are no petrol stations in the park so we turned round and headed back to the hotel where we knew a station to be. Talk about a captive audience. I know that we had laughed at the Americans moaning about gasoline prices, but this place really took advantage of its position as the only place to get petrol for 2o winding miles by charging well over the odds. Martin was not best pleased, but a drink in the bar, a swim and a spa soon cheered him up before we collapsed yet again into bed.

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