Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas? What christmas

Just before Christmas Kelly contracted Chickenpox from somewhere and was off work for a week, quarantined at home. As I had already been off work a fortnight with a hacking cough I was already feeling low when I managed to catch something that may have been a mutant virus from the Chicken pox or chickenpox itself or something equally as awful. This has lasted for the whole of the christmas period, christmas day I managed to open my presents but then spent the rest of the entire day asleep in bed with a headache, and it is only today that I have felt even half human.

So what were the positive bits of this year's Christmas that I did get to do, having missed out on so many of the things I normally do, such as christmas fairs and christingles?

I did get to go watch Laura's school (with Laura in the choir) sing in Canterbury Cathedral. I sat in the audience with Wayne, not singing because of my cough, but really enjoying the carols and songs.

Christmas morning we were woken at half two buy Laura phoning for Wayne's mobile number - no idea why, but this meant we actually slept through until gone 8.30 christmas. Unheard of!! All the family came over for the present opening. I got:

a cross-stitch kit, (Martin)
a wii wheel (Laura and Wayne)
Wii mario karts (Martin)
a nail varnish kit (Anne)
a book (Terry Pratchett) (mum and dad)
fury slippers (mum and dad)
cut and dry foam (Kelly)
fluxx game (kelly)

so did really well.

Then in the sales I treated myself to 20 Copic Ciao pens, Band Hero bundle for the Wii and a new dyson (yes well)

Martin entertained my mum and dad, Kelly and Ollie while I slept in bed ill, missing my christmas day, Laura and Wayne went off to join Wayne's family. Our day ended at 6 when all my lot went home.

Kelly came back for the day on boxing day but we didnt do much, Ollie was working.

On Sunday laura and Wayne came for their 'Christmas day' bringing their two Australian guests Gemma and Mike. We ate, drank and played both Wii karts and card games.

So there were some good bits despite me feeling so rough and spending another day in bed on Monday!

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