Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY NEW 2010!!!

We actually managed to see in the new year together last night. Laura and Wayne are in Cologne, Germany for the week, Kelly and Ollie were round Gemma's so it was just us and the cat. We thought it would be an ordinary evening with me on the pc and Mart asleep on the sofa, but .......

Martin and I had been hoovering up pine needles, having deciding the tree really wasnt going to make twelth night, when we came to the mutual agreement that our very old Dyson really wasnt up to the task. It wasnt even worth attempting to get it fixed since there were so many things wrong - the lead was joined together with insulating tape, the hose connection had snapped, two of the brushes were broken, the rewind on the lead was pathetic ... and that was only the things we could see.

So we actually went out and hit the sales!!

We got such a good bargin on the Dyson, £50 off and then another £30 in collected Nectar points, that we took ourselves into Dunelm and bought pillows andr a duvet.

The trouble with sales though is that you tend to get the bug and get carried away. And carried away we got, because the next thing we knew we had treated ourselves to Band Hero the superbundle for the Wii!!!!!!

We started putting it together straight after Eastenders. Be warned anyone buying it who may be a little tech. challenged or not up to speed on the use of a Wii. The instructions are worse than useless. Eventually we got the guitar and the drums set up, only the mic to go. Ah a usb connector, I know about those. Martin isnt so sure though and stupidly I asked him to look on the Wii box for the port. Not there he said. It only took me another hour to find there was one there and get the mic hooked up.

Then we needed to set up our players and get our band working. That took another hour and a half!! Don't laugh, its pathetic really. But anyway then we were up and running, singing songs we had never heard before, bashing away at the drums and having a brilliant time. It was 5 mins to midnight before finally we wore ourselves out and turned it off. It seemed silly to go to bed then, so we watched the fireworks on the tv and sang Ol' Lang wotsit with the cat, much to his disgust.

This morning we woke to a very light sprinkle of that 'orrible frozen white stuff (I do so hate snow). It reminded me that last year, for nearly a month, I had a go at photograph 365 and although I wasnt too successful, wondered if I should try again this year? I am already going to have a go at Project 12 and thought even if I dont manage a photo a day, if I can manage 4 or 5 a week it would help with the Project. Lets face it, its the start of a new decade as well as a new year and good or bad, really should be recorded.

Then I thought I should look back at my 12 in 365 resolutions I posted last Jan on the pad and see how I did. I am not one for resolutions and you can probably see why.

1 Lose at least 2 stone before the wedding (1/8/09)
Yeah right! I have actually put ON half a stone since last year. Not good, and I intend to try again.
2 Don't give up and keep looking for some kind of fullfilling job
I have actually decided that provided it brings in enough money supply work is ok, although I wouldnt mind a permanent part time teaching job as I still miss a sense of belonging (and the christmas parties!)
3 Stop putting it off and go have my smear!
Did that!! All clear
4 Scrap at least 4 old photos a month
Ahem, and passing on .....
5 Finish all the half started scrappy projects/albums by end of year
Completed a total of none although I did buy some cardstock to do my wedding album .. and then promptly spilt coffee all over it.
6 Add all my friends into my birthday book (not just family) and then
make enough cards to fill my birthday book for this year and send them out
This kinda worked and I didnt miss any of the birthdays that are in there. Just didnt add any more birthdays.
7 Use the wii fit for at least 40 mins a week
Shall we pass over this too? I am going to buy a couple more keep fit type games as bordom sets in fast.
8 Make much better use of my square foot garden than last year.
Finally!! One I succeeded in.
9 To go out with DH more - and not just bloody castles with English Heritage!
Another success. Ballet, theatre, and a couple of public gardens. Bring it on for this year too.
10 Take more photos!
See above
11 Sort out the family filing before it takes over the cupboard.
Well I did do this but it seems to have taken over again since. Put on list once more for this month.
12 Learn to use inkscape properly and make wonderful things with my cricut
This is the one bit of software I simply cant get my head round but I have decided there are tons of really clever people out there doing it for me. Thanks guys!

So watch this space, I will be uploading my photo for today, sorting out another 12 in 365 resolutions, and listing all my crafty projects for this year.

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Jane said...

thanks for making me smile, have enjoyed looking at your blog.