Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not much on holiday

This week Martin is on holiday, using up some time he had left over from when he moved into the garage and had to cancel his break to undertake training. Its not been the best time to take off with most of the country at a standstill because of the snow.

Stuck in all weekend, by Monday I was really fed up. Schools are re-opening but no supply work is forthcoming, Martin doesnt fancy doing much other than watching TV and chilling on the sofa. Still, I tempted him out with a 50% off token at Pizzahut. I also had a birthday gift voucher from Matalan, they were giving me £5 off if I spent £30.

OK I know many people dont rate Matalan but as an Early Year's teacher their stuff is the right price for working all day crawling around the floor with 4 year olds. I dont have much in the way of clothes and what I do have either has paint or glue on it, or has been torn accidently by a child climbing on me I really dont mind if it is stuff that has only cost a few quid.. The one problem I do have though is that usually I have to try on an awful lot of items before finding the one thing that does fit reasonably so finding £30 worth was going to be a problem, and with Martin chaffing at the bit to get into Pizzahut........ all of which was made ten times worse when I discovered most of their stuff was in a half price of half price sale. A £14 skirt became a £3.50 skirt. Well great except nothing was priced, we queued up and put stuff through the tills twice before we made the £30! I did really well though, 4 tops and 2 skirts for £26!!!!

Martin finally went for his extremely overdue eyetest. We calculated it is about 3 years since he last had them tested. Which makes it even harder to believe that he has been walking around with incorrect glasses. If you remember I had lots of problems with Specsave in the summer and had ended up having my eyes tested all over again in an independant opticians. For Martin it was a similar problem. The specsaver frames were too 'short' so there was not enough room in the frames to put in a lens that could accomodate the varifocal part. Specsave didnt bother telling him and getting him to choose something more suitable to the perscription, no they just cut off part of the varifocal length and squashed the rest into the available space. No wonder Mart had had trouble reading his watch!!!

Other than that, we have had a few games of Mario Karts and I have done a little scrapping.

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