Monday, January 04, 2010

White world

Our street, no chance of the dust cart making it down the road though.

Photo 4

Today was the first day back for lots of schools. Hopefully supply work should start soon but in the meantime my little bit of Kent woke up to a white wonderland.

end of our road with snow on bushes, fenses and roofs

I know this is old hat to most of England who have been under snow since before Christmas, but this is the first serious amount we have had in our little tiny corner, everything else has been a light dusting gone within hours. It would apear that where within a 5 mile radius, last week we had no snow, this week the same 5 mile radius is the only bit of Kent with snow.

So today's photo was a no brainer. In fact as my library books were in need of returning to avoid a fine, I decided to take my camera for another little walk (I can bank this towards my 52 walks for the weeks I cant get out lol).

Next door neighbour's car left a dent to show depth of fall

kids snowballing in street

Large lump of ice, not safe to walk here.

Artistic photo of snow covered tree.

Once I got out though it was obvious that the side roads were nothing but sheet ice under a few cm of snow so after one near tumble I stuck to the main road.

I did a little bit of housework, I think I have finally caught up with the washing mountain, and then hit the craft room. In truth it was more the shopping on the internet I hit. Yesterday I started my 2009 album and had hoped that for once I would co-ordinate the thing. It was only after I finished the first double page I realised that SU! do not do single colours, so after a long search I was able to find equivelant colours. That was the easy part, finding somewhere with the colour I needed in stock was another matter, but finally I tracked it down. While I wait for it to arrive I have printed out the photos for the next page, matted them and cut out all the bits of patterned paper to go on it.

I have also decided that one of my other new year projects is to finish my wedding album (hopefully before my 30th wedding anniversary in August LOL) I started this album about 3 years ago. They are not brilliant photos to work with - anyone who knows me, knows the tale of dissasters that was my wedding day, one of them was that the photographer double booked himself so instead of letting us know, he sent along his trainee. This guy spent ages setting up every single shot, he pinned me to an inch of my life with pegs (yes he pegged up all my trail and dress at the back). The vicar had to come out 3!! times to ask us all to leave as we were holding up the next wedding (the poor girl had to go round the block 5 times) and even then he insisted on setting up 3 more photos. The final photo has a cat (which had wondered in to the foreground) sitting down licking the parts cats love to lick, and Martin gritting his teeth and clenching his fists ready to hit the guy.

After all that, half the people who should be in the photos (such as my brother, Martin's brother or my Grandad) are not in them, the shots we wanted (like us on the horse and landor, the reception, the cake cutting, etc are not there, and in general they were so disappointing that we never ordered any and only kept the small sample book.

So I didnt really have much enthusiasm for finishing it.

My skills in photoshop have vastly improved though, so I hope I can put them to good use and salvage something worth scrapping. The problem is that since I started the album I couldnt remember what colour Bazzill I had used, and it has taken me another age to match up and order cardstock.

Not a fortune spent but a very long time shopping, and now a bit of a wait until I can scrap.

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Shirley said...

Great photos, the one where the neighbours car was is fun.