Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Projects - how am I doing

Suddenly our snow is all melting away. Hurray!!

Things should be returning to a semblence of normality, although Martin is on holiday this week, so not quite, and my parent's are still iced in, out of the reach of a save drive.

I thought it would be a good idea today to see how my projects are doing. Reviewing the state of play now and then may keep me on track.


Photo 365 - Last year I tried to set a theme to each day. It didnt work, I had a whole list of things use as subjects but became stumped if those things were not available on the said day. My project didnt last past Februarym the photos were boring and I really stood little chance.
This time, I have simply taken my camera everywhere with me, and photo oportunities have presented themselves. Of course the snow has helped, but they havent all been snow photos. I dont know if it will last, but I have managed a photo every day (even if I havent uploaded them all here)

52 walks with my camera - See above. I have actually managed 3 walks with my camera (although the last one doesnt have many photos as I forgot to take the spare battery with me and the one in the camera run out on the way) So that's one week in hand. Mind I havent made the LO's yet so not all is successful.

Project E - the first prompt (which I have only just found this morning) is to write down 5 things you have succeeded in every evening. Mmm not sure that much goes on in my life to manage 5 but I am going to have a go at 5 things for the week. Watch this space.....

Project 12 - still collecting photos, and I have lots so that shouldn't be a problem, finding scrapping time might.

Shimmelle's monthly challenge - oh oops, I went shopping, and out to Pizzahut yesterday but didnt keep the recipes (slaps wrist). Mind I never have been one for scrapping stuff like that, however I am doing daily blog updates so I will have noted all the memories and with the help of my 365 photos should be able to make a LO at the end of the month

And the final two, 52 in 10 and Scrap weekly both had suggestions involving aims, goals or resolutions, none of which I do anylonger (as they always get broken and are a waste of my time for me at least) so I am giving these a rest for one week. I did manage Scrapdolly's week 1, and am just about to look at Scrap Weekly's second challenge.

I have also all but finished a double and a single LO as well as starting another single, so I am doing well in the challenges, keeping up my blog, my photography and my scrapping so far!!

Woohoo for me!!!

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Cath x said...

I'm tired just reading your list of 'to do's!'