Thursday, January 07, 2010

Its no fun anymore

I never found snow fun in the first place but last night saw another big snow fall across most of the country and people are starting to see the seriousness of it all.

Many schools are shut, most public transport is out of commission and according to the news over a million and a half people failed to get to work today due to the snow.
Both Kelly and Ollie were not amongst those people as it seems the new high rail speed link has better technology and is running into London well.

Martin managed to get in, although Laura's school is shut.

Its not just us humans that are suffering, Yesterday I watched as a poor fox, desperate for a drink of water from our frozen pond was chased off by the neighbours cat. This was at 11 in the morning, way past Renard's bed time. Kelly phoned to tell me she had been woken at 5 am from a comotion caused by a Mr Foxy Loxy attempting to get through her cat flap!

So the first thing I did this morning was to make a huge hole in the ice on the pond to provide the wildlife with some fresh drinking water.

Photo of the day is kind of predictable. I was so fed up of looking at the four walls I took myself off for a snowy walk to the seafront. I had intended getting an amazingly arty shot of a pine branch covered in snow overhanging the path but just as I got out my camera, my mobile went and I slipped over at the same time (for the fourth time). By the time I had got up, dusted myself down and answered the phone, all thoughts of the photo had passed me by.

Then I thought there are stunning snowy photos all over the net at the moment so I settled (out of all the photos I took) for this one.

Even with all this snow to play with, even with all the wonderful commaraderie there is about at the moment, someone still thinks its ok to do this! And the picture doesnt show up so well that its not just one sign but two!!
My tax rebate turned up today (finally) so with little else to do I did a little internet shopping, just a few sheets of bazzill and a deep cut houseing for my cricut. I cant do much scrapping until my cardstock turns up but this is something I did at the weekend.

Its a scraplift of Davinie's work for last year's Project 12

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