Friday, January 08, 2010

Yet more white stuff

Minus 7 temps and another 6 inches of snow. Things are starting to get really nasty - even the M2/A229 has been shut for most of the day. Martin made it in and out of Canterbury but at one point it was touch and go as so many roads had been shut.

So I have spent the morning baking. Two lamb hotpots, sausage rolls, bread rolls, veggie soup and cinammon and raisin muffins. As a change from snow photos, how about some comforting grub photos?

Cinammon and fruit muffins
Then inspired by ScrapDolly I made a digital page for a January desk top calendar using one of my snowy pictuers.

Background paper:- WR Fairy Cakes by Weefairie designs
Date stamp:- SueColbert
Clip:- Brandy Chammartin Wintereonderland kit
snowflakes Baby its cold outside kit by Michelle Underwood

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Cath x said...

You're making me hungry, yummy!