Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dawn of a new day

Not today, but yesterday's photo of the day.

I must have hit on exactly the right moment to open the curtains, so I grabbed my camera. Only seconds later the sun had moved up higher and the effect was gone.

I spent yesterday not just tidying but also sorting out my craft room. There wasnt much that needed throwing out, but quite a bit that needed putting back in its right place. Its nearly all done, just a few bits on and around the table to do and then I intend to make the tidy room my photo for today.

I am also attempting to sort out all the half finished projects hanging about. I have ordered cs to finish my wedding album, and have dug out my photos of our holiday in Corfu to finish the holiday mini box I also made but never filled.

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lyzzydee said...

Veryy pretty, beautiful light!