Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We have booked our holiday to Cyprus with the kids.

Laura and Wayne came over for dinner and we spent a couple of hours on the net .... not booking the villa, that was easy to find and agree on, no it was the flippin' air flights.
You would think with an airport litterally on our doorstep at Manston (nah, doesnt do enough flights out to anywhere useful) and three London airports within an hours drive up the motorway, we would have plenty of choice. And I guess we did kind of. The trouble is they all run this sliding price scale, so when we first decided to go, the return ticket was about the £200 mark, by the middle of last week it had crept up to £250 and by Sunday we couldnt find anything below £300.

After shuffling flights and times about we finally found Air Cyprus (or some such co.) could do £200 tickets. It then took another 15 mins to type in all the details, only to find they were adding another £80 air taxes and then, as if that wasnt bad enough, they only gave the option of paying by credit card, and wacked £40 on for the privledge.

Still it looks a beautiful villa and we are all getting a litttle bit excited now.

So far there has been no call for supply teacher work, and with Martin finishing his break, I was really bored on Monday, so when Mum and Dad said they were going to Redhill to buy a cooker, I jumped at the chance. We had a lovely road trip through little villages (dad dislikes the bordom of motorways).

When we arrived I discovered that dad hadnt actually googled the location of the showrooms, so we drove round a fair bit before someone we stopped actually knew where it was and offered directions, but even then we had to drive round the industial estate a couple of times. The showrooms turned out not to be a showroom, dad really should have phoned ahead, but the guy Lee who served us was very helpful and mum and dad finally bought a new cooker that will hopefully fit in the odd sized gap in their kitchen.

Then we found a Toby and had a very tasty (and large) lunch. Meaning day 2 of diet went out the window.

I forgot to get my camera out the bag and take any photos though.

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Sue said...

:) Sounds like a good day! I always forget my camera on days like that too.
There is an award for you on my blog xx