Monday, January 25, 2010

Thursday (and other stuff)

Thursday was a bit of a day for us all really. It didnt start well. As I was munching my cornflakes, a pain shot through my gum. I innocently thought I had got a flake stuck between my teeth, but no, a huge chunk of tooth had broken but was still hanging in the gum (sorry, tmi there) so it was an emergency appointment to have that sorted out. I now have to go back next week to find out what they are going to do about it, which is bound to be big bucks.

Round at mums, we then sat around rather miserably waiting for the time to go to the funeral for Uncle Ray.

There was a huge turn out, which was good to see, although we didnt know that many people. Although the service was beautifully done, it had a very religious bent and seemed really detatched from the man we had loved. Still as no one that knew him was asked to get up and speak it fell to the vicar, who only had what the family had told him to go on, so I suppose he did the best he could. We all waved a personal goodbye as we walked past the coffin for the final time though, and send our love and wishes for his future journey, whereever that may be to .

We didnt stay long at the crem, as we had already booked tickets for the annual pantomime at our local playhouse, going with Laura and Wayne (Unfortunately the stupid new southern train timetables meant Kelly and Ollie couldnt join us again this year). It was strange not to have our favourtite Dame Dr Lee in it this year - he has finally retired) but his replacement was very good. The special effects and the Giant (it was Jack and the Giant) were way superior to any we had had in previous years, and I think it was one of the best performances we have seen doen there. The lovely young Austrailian girl Gemma, who is staying with Laura and Wayne, certainly enjoyed it. It was her first ever pantomime, but that didnt stop her getting stuck in with the 'Oh no his not' or 'Its behind you' shouts, and she laughed all the way through, especially when the giant first graced the stage.

The day should then have ended on a high note but just as we were leaving, mum announced that she could feel a crack in her dental plate. That is really spooky, in one week, dad had lost his final tooth, mine had broken, and mum's plate was cracked.

Friday didnt bring any better news for any of us. Wayne managed to get a flat going over the lovely pot holes the council have decided make for better roads, and Laura ended up having to fork out for two new front tires. Then Kelly emailed to say the chain in her move had all had the date of the removal messed up by the lady at the top of the chain, who couldnt get the booked date off work, and now wants a day in the middle of Feb.

On a more positive note, Martin collected his new glasses and finally, after 3 years, can actually see enough to read his watch screen properly.

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Boo said...

I know, I know I shouldn't laugh BUT ....
" one week, dad had lost his final tooth, mine had broken, and mum's plate was cracked."
Just read that through Yizz, it has to be about one of the most typical, hilarious Yizz stories there are! Love the pantomime photo - I'm sure I'd know your Dad if I bumped into him in the street.
Love to read your stores my darling. :D