Friday, February 12, 2010

I am beginning to think my album for 2010 is going to be looking very samey. Yet again Kent found itself under 4" of white percipitation. I had managed to nab myself some supply work at a lovely school a bit out from the main drag, so when it started, with heavy flurries and blizzard like conditions on my way there, I was a bit concerned about getting home. Not so the kids, who you would think had never seen snow, let alone have just had three weeks of the stuff, it was all I could do to keep them from clustering around the window most of the day.

Despite the warnings and the early start to the treacherous conditions, KCC had not managed to grit or send out snowploughs despite constant assurances that they were ready to cope. The drive home was pretty hairy, so I was happy that all my various family members made it home safe and sound. Throughout the night the heavy winds and snowfalls continued so that in the morning we woke to deep snowdrifts and white vistas.

Which put paid to my supply work for this week.

Things I have forgotten to blog about:-

Martin and I had a surprisingly pleasant time at Martin's dad's 90th birthday party dinner. Held at the eldest son's house, with just the three bothers, assorted wives, and Dad's (Cyril's) sister, it was roast beef with all the trimmings, followed by apple crumble or fruit salad, and accompanied by polite conversation.

I have had a couple of 'fun' saturdays rubbing Danish Oil onto the doors in Laura and Wayne's new house. Its all hands on deck to get things finished so that they can move in by March as they have given notice on the rental property. Wayne unfortunately has had to go on some training courses for work, and this week he was in Mansefield. He fell sick on his first day there, and poor Laura, after a busy day at work had to do the 8 hour round trip to collect him.

Kelly and Ollie are on track for moving to Croydon on Thursday - I am on house cleaning duty! They have commissioned me to make some New Home/Address cards, a process involving lengthy three way email negotiations to get the designs agreed. Before I could get to the PaperMill to buy the cardstock though, the snow arrived, and gave us the chance to vent our frustration in some of our weird sense of humour - as yesterday's emails show. NB Brian is their cat and the other assoeted characters are childhood teddies who all have lives and characters of their own.

From: yvonne
Sent: 11 February 2010 11:34
To: Matthews, Kelly
Subject: commission

Dear Mrs Matthews (representative for Matthews, Matthews and Brian)

Unfortunately due to current extreme weather conditions, supplies for any commissions involving card stock are unavailable. Our agent is prevented from making delivery until road conditions improve dramatically. The management will obviously keep you informised, and we hope the situation will be rectified asap.

The management is aware that this blockade on essential supplies will effect your recent New Home cards commission (ref no: 1aaaaaaa). The management would like to apologise for any inconvienience you may incure, and assure you that as soon as the roads are passable, will do everything within their power to obtain the required supplies to fullfill your order, and hope this does not discourage you from using our services in the future.


cards made by mummy plc xxx

NB Latest update from our outside roving agent. He has made it as far as Canterbury and reports that conditions have been slightly improved through action by local authority (e.g snowploughs and gritters) but that heavy winds causing drifts of large amounts of snow are still making some smaller roads impassable and he does not advice distribution vehicles to leave the depot just yet.

Subject: RE: commission
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 12:36:09 +0000
From: Kelly.
To: yizzard

SYSTEM Generated email...
Dear Cards made by Mummy,
Your message has been received and forwarded to the other board members.
Unfortunately at this time one board member is asleep on the sofa, another is in a team meeting and I am busy with US returns that have to be finished today.
As soon as someone becomes available your email will be responded to.
Kind regards
Mrs Matthews

From: yvonne
Sent: 11 February 2010 12:52
To: Matthews, Kelly
Subject: RE: commission

Dear Mrs Matthews (representative of Matthews, Matthews and Brian)

As none of your board members are available at the moment, all future urgent communications will be sent directly to the Manager, one Abbie Matthews with copies to Mr Frodo (Deputy manager), Mr Cuthbert, (Head of HR), and Mrs RB (Head P)A. (I understand Mr Billy (job centre trainee) is not to be included in correspondence due to his junior position, and also that some correspondence should be addressed to 'Box unknown but probably labelled bedroom, Land of spare 'oom, and may not be delivered immediatly) until someone from the senior board members is available to respond to our original missive.


Cards by Mummy plc xxx (registered trade name).

Dear cards by Mummy,
Thank you for your email. My collegues appreciate being kept in the loop with regards to this order as it will affect them receiving birthday presents (they think!)
Has the weather conditions improved sufficiently for you to stock up with supplies tomorrow? My sources tell me that there is no snow left in Sittingbourne and Chatham didn't have any to start with.
Mrs Matthews

Dear Mrs Matthews (representative of Matthews, Matthews and Brian)

It is our intention to wait until the week beginning 15th February 2010 before sending cars out of our depot in the direction of the supply distribution centers. We will be drafting in extra drivers for the sortie, and will be able to combine this outing with several others that our design department have planned (combining activities cuts costs allowing us to bring the finished product to the customer at a cheaper and more reasonable price).

Long term weather predictions suggest that this will be the optimum time for travel, especially since there has been little thaw in the local area and the outlook from the office window still conceives the precipitation to be of 4 or more inches deep. Inteception of F.M and A.M frequency wave bands have given driving conditions on the roads between our office and the distribution center (A2/M2) to be hazadous in both directions. We are not lucky enough to have sources of information on conditions further afield.

Please do not feel this will mean we will not be able to meet your deadline. The proofs are all set up already and it will not take our skilled artist long to assemble the finished product once the supplies are made available


Cards by Mummy plc xxx (registered trade name).

Stooopid aren't we?

I have some scrapping - my Jan entry for project 12 but I still have to get some decent photos, its a double lO and I have to figure out how to manage that. Watch this space.

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Well it gave me a laugh - you gotta love a whacky family! Love the name Brian!