Sunday, February 07, 2010

52 walks with my camera Walk 5

Since my last post, I havent done so well at keeping up either my blog or with my challenges, as I was having a bit of a winter blue's time. Everything around me seemed to be going wrong and I just couldnt get motivated.

First a broken tooth sent me off to the dentist and including a clean and polish, the bill for a new crown is going to be astonomical.

Then the dishwasher (which we reckon to be at least ten years old) finally gave up the ghost and washed its last dish.

Problems in Kelly and Ollie's moving chain threatened to really hold up their move.

And despite loosing 3LB on the first week of my diet, and feeling a little fitter from going on the Wii every day for a week, I didnt feel so motivated this last week, and didnt manage to loose any more (I did stay the same though so thats still good) I actually got a days supply work, but one day since last December is not really going to keep the wolf from the door - and I am getting mighty bored of being home alone.


I have cheered myself up now, Kelly and Ollie's move is now back on for a week thursday, a new dishwasher has been bought and installed and I am back with the challenges.

I took my camera for a walk with me when I went to have my teeth looked at, and had a rather pretty walk.
Whenever I park in Canterbury I am too mean to use the carpark and tend to use the four hour spots which are free but a bit further to walk, which is ok, since I am determined to get fitter this year. One of the spots I like to park in is here,
and means I get to walk into town through the beautiful Westgate gardens.

So from the town back to the car would involve:

Passing the flint built Tower House or Lord Mayor's office as it is,

Then into the gardens proper which run alongside the River Stour.

past the 200 year old plane tree

who seems to now have an offspring.

past the war memorial

through arches
and over bridges
up steep hills ....

and even steeper railway bridges

bringing me back to the car.

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