Monday, November 13, 2006


Would you believe that wonderful Clare had already posted a very clear set of instructions for putting a banner on blogger. So it may not be the most artistic banner in the world but it is mine and for now it will do. I may play again later.

The only trouble is that in doing all that I managed to loose my visitor counter so next get it back again. LOL

I will only be able to digi scrap for a while, and since I cleared all my photos off the pc and onto discs its a massive hunt through them all to find the photos I want to do that. I cant paper scrap as we went out and got a new carpet for the craft room today and all my stuff is piled up around our bedroom ready for Martin to lay the new carpet tomorrow morning. We got a beautiful bit of Axminster for £50, enough to do the whole room, in the half price sale. It should have been £46 a square metre but it was the end of the roll so was already at a cut down price. Its going to show all the cheapo stuff in the rest of the house up though. Hubby was a triffle put out that there will be better quality carpet in my scrapping room than in all the other rooms. I think I best be a bit careful with the acrylics for a while in there LOL


Clare said...

I think its a lovely banner! and glad the instructions helped - just got to work them out for blogger beta now LOL!

Jen said...

Yay Yizz! Hope you will keep updating now. PS I'm glad the interview went well and hope it will serve as experience for that next interview hun!