Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Where is ....?

So the carpet is down in the craft room and all my stash has been carted back in there. It looks a treat, and I even went over to Dunelm Mill and bought some new curtains and nets so that the neighboughs across the road can have their privacy respected as I scrap. That was fun as they were in the middle of a refit and all the nets were piled in a pallet in an out of bounds part of the shop. The assistant wasnt very helpful, wouldnt let me though and was very unwilling to look for me. She wanted me to come back another day, but its quite a trip for me to get there and I had gone specifically.

Anyway I finally could get back to some paper scrapping. I needed to finish some recipe cards I am doing for a swap. I had made 4 before the move round and had left my tweezers, my beautiful holly garland stamp and my paint brush (Art-Kure) out all ready. So where are they now?????The room is tidy. There is no where for them to hide! Humph!!

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Anonymous said...

Ah you see it's the tidying up that does it Yizz! Did you ever find them again?