Saturday, November 18, 2006

Getting to grips

with blogger. So after an hour and a lot of messing about with a different stats counter I have finally managed to get my old one back! I am even starting to get a little (and its a very little) familiar with hmtl code!! Wow!!
So next challenge is to get a slide show in the side bar. Yeah right!! LOL

A bit of really good confidence boosting news. Yesterday the school where I had my interview phoned and offered me a day of supply work. Ok its only one day, and OK maybe I should think - "well if I wasnt good enough to be employed full time ...." but to be honest I am just sooooo very chuffed they actually asked me, and I am going to get back into the classroom. Mind you its a little scary as they have asked me to teach Year 4 and it has been oh so many years since I taught any child over the age of 6!

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Jen said...

So have you done the supply work yet? Did it go well? I want all the goss :)