Saturday, July 07, 2007

Life changes.

Or at least I have a plan!

The kids have announced that TONIGHT they will deffo be moving into their own house, so that will be a major change. I think they actually mean it this time as last night I took them to Asda and bought them a barrow load of basic goodies to fill the kitchen shelves with. I shall miss having the two of them around. I shant miss having the dog tearing up the house, he is welcome to leave though!

All this means I can finally get the house sorted out. I have made a start in the craft room, removing the hanging pockets from the walls and storing all my bits and bats in those wonderful Asda sorting trays (£1.97 for a compartmented plastic box, fantastic for storage of little things). Nearly all the wire cub storage is fixed together and I intend (eventually) to 'alter' all the storage boxes to the same colour, and make fancy labels for everything, including my albums so I can find everything easily.

Then it will be the great furniture move, some things (like the pc) into the craft room, somethings into the 'guest' bedroom (cant really call it Laura's room any more,) and then a new wardrobe for our room. After which I want to hire a carpet cleaner and get all the carpets cleaned. Alongside spring cleaning the whole house and touching up all the paintwork. So just a small job then.

Someone came round to look at the Nursery for the permenant job yesterday so the other change will be for me to get signed up with a few agencies and to start putting my cv around the local schools.

And one other change - I hope - a new thinner me, as I have started my WW diet AGAIN today. Just off to go get my bowl of cornflakes now.

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