Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Story of my life!

Ever since I started my teacher training - and the reason I trained for 3-8 year olds and not 5-8's was because ultimately I wanted to be in charge of my own nursery. Not an easy ambition because those of you who have children to educate in Kent will know what a diverse system for pre-school care/education there is in the county, and there are very few proper Nurseries even now. 16 years ago the situation was even worse, but in the final year of my TT the LEA opened 5 state run Nurseries. They opened only a few months too soon for our year group to apply, but it gave us all hope that more would follow.

Sadly this didn't happen and it is only now, following on from Every Child Matters that Children's centres, Nurseries attached to Schools and Surestart centres are springing up.

So last week I applied to a Children's centre attached to a School that was just starting up for the job of Teacher in Charge. On paper I had everything they wanted so I wasn't surprised when the Manageress of the Nursery I am supplying in told me she had received a request for references from them. Excited I rushed home to re-read the advert. I was rather surprised to see the ad stated the interview date was for the very next day. yet I hadn't heard from them. Why ask for references then? Had they printed the wrong date in the ad?

So I waited...and waited..and then concluded that having got my references they hadn't short listed me.

Today I got a hand delivered envelope, containing heaps of info on the Centre plus an invite to an interview ...... on 5Th July!!!!!!!

I have phoned them, (just in case I should ever want to apply to them again and not wanting them to think that I just hadn't bothered turning up) and they told me the Head was meant to put it through my door herself on 4Th July.

Oh oops!!!!!!!

They are meant to be ringing me back. Not that they can do anything about it now.

Do you think heads may roll?

And this just about sums up the story of my life!!

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Kel x said...

Drat! That is such bad luck and not luck really, just other people being a bit rubbish. I am so glad to have found your blog. I used to see you alot on UKS, but I don't spend much time on there at the moment. I remember that we have quite a lot in common: computer geekiness, a love of the under-fives, sci-fi/fantasy, all the good stuff, really! Have you seen goodreads, for recommending books to friends?