Friday, July 20, 2007


I was a tad worried when Kelly posted on her blog about the 4th wedding she had been to this year - thinking "4 weddings and a funeral" and my premanition was correct, she phoned at the weekend to tell me the her Rabbit had passed on -:( . Coupled with Laura's rat problem I waited for the third thing.

I didnt have to wait tooo long, last night when I got in from work it was to the sad news that my dad's faithful four legged friend had had to be put to sleep. They have had Ben Charlie dog for 12 of his 13 years and dad dotted on him. He had got to the stage where he was overweight, covered in fat lumps and suffering from exthma but he still seemed happy enough and tried to gamble about like a puppy when he was pleased to see visitors. However a tumour on the liver is not something an old dog can fight off and so we wish him well on his journey across rainbow bridge.

This evening Kelly is off to Wales for her FIFTH wedding of the year so I have to go mind her animals tomorrow, and then Monday we are off to the Forest of Dean, the wedding we are going to there being on Wednesday. Then we are going to Wales to see my friend Judy.

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