Thursday, July 05, 2007

No job

The Nursery finally got themselves organised enough to tell me they are going to advertise for a permenant position for the job I am covering as supply. I was invited to write in if I wanted to be considered, I would not need to sit a formal interview though.

So after due consideration (30 seconds) I have written and told them I do not want the permenant job. I am now going to get myself signed up on all the supply agency lists and see where that takes me. To the realms of poverty I should think.

On another note, we suddenly realised on Tuesday evening that my car should have been for its MOT, so it had to be rapidly booked in and poor Laura (who is suffering from a heavy cold) would have to take me to work and pick me up. Anyway the sickly car had to have quite a bit (nearly £300) of work done to it so ended up being in the garage for two days.

Luckily we didnt drive it to Westward shopping then. It was Laura's birthday on Tuesday so I took her out to buy her a birthday pressy. She really needs heaps of cloths but refuses to spend her money on anything but the house so I insisted she had an actual present from us. Had we thought of it earlier we could have all chipped in together to get her some GHD's but as it was Smiths were doing a 3 for 2 deal on every book in the shop so we spent a delightful hour choosing books for her. This may not seem a big deal but as a dyslexic she has not really been as into books as I would like, so it was lovely to see her struggling to choose just 3. We could have both spent a fortune in there. As it was she chose a Gary Rhodes cook book (on the basis it was the right size for the kitchen shelf and would look funky) Ronnie Corbet's autobiography and a novel. I restrained myself as I had already ordered Delia Smiths Pudding collection from The Book People at work and am looking forward to the last Harry Potter in a fortnights time.

I am also nearly there with the craft room. I need to buy some Tuff boxes for my rubber stamps but my 12x12 cropper hopper's turned up so its just a case of tidying it all away now.