Sunday, April 13, 2008

A break

Martin has been on holiday this week, so he started off with a very long list of household maintenance jobs to do. Mean while I have been spending time with Laura sorting out wedding type bits and bobs. On Tuesday auto glass were sorting out the broken windows on her car - seems the police finally caught the kids that did it, unbelievably they had damaged 30 other cars! I had to take her car keys over to her in-laws-to-be house as that is where it was parked, and at the moment the keys were requested, the folk buying Laura's house turned up to discuss fixtures and fittings. So I got to spend a pleasant hour with Graham and Di discussing wedding ideas so far

Dress shopping
On Wednesday even more wedding excitement as Laura, mum and I went into Faversham to help Laura try on wedding gowns. Gosh there is so much to choose from nowadays. I took a few photos but obviously cant upload them in case the groom takes a peep and she eventually chooses one of the many she tries on. Laura did find it hard work though, those dresses are heavy and so many decisions to make. So I can see a few more trips out before 'the one' is discovered. Laura has such a beautiful figure that she can carry off practically any design, the problem is this does work against her though as none of the shops carry sizes small enough and we are having to wrap a size 8 body in a size 14 gown which doesn't really give a clear indication of what they will look like.

Day out
On Thursday Martin had all but finished his chores so we decided on a day out. We settled for Nando's, The Dickens World, and then the pictures all at Chatham Dockland. Laura came with us as a treat, but I was so so angry and disappointed. Dickens cost £12.50 per person, we were told to allow at least 3 hours to go round. WRONG - OH SO WRONG!! We lasted for 3/4 hour and the only reason we were in there that long was that we
really couldn't believe we had paid that much to enter and there was nothing to look at!. Honest, if you are thinking of going - save your money!! Having gone in you are treated to a large warehouse that has been converted to look like a Victorian market place - since London consisted mainly of tiny alleys this in itself is not right. Still, it has been made using fascias with only two places to go into, a tiny shop mainly selling ponchos at a quid each, and other rubbish souvenirs, and the other 'shop' is the photo place to view and buy your photo of you on the water ride.

There is a haunted house but since the queue for this was over an hour long we didn't bother (its this long because other than the water boat and the 3D cinema there is literally nothing else to do/see apart from the pub selling meals!) There w
ere a few people dressed in costume but they didn't interact with the visitors that much, in fact none of them talked to us at all.

So we cut our losses, came home and went to see the Spiderwick Chronicals at our local bug hut. Which we really enjoyed.

Holiday booking
On Friday we spent 3 hours in the travel a
gents with the lovely Michelle who is very patient with us considering we had no idea where we wanted to go. Just a date and the idea that we wanted to go stateside. We finally settled for 12 nights in California, fly-drive starting at Los Angeles and ending in San Francisco. We still have to book hotels as we go but we can explore to our hearts desire.

Stamp Show
And finally yesterday I travelled up to Ally Pally with Kelly to the Big Stamp and Scrapbook show, where we did lots of walking, saw lots of demos, and spent heaps of money. For those who want to know I bought:

3 stickles at 3 for £5 (sadly I duplicated a colour I already had so Kelly if you want a green?)
A refill for my black Stazon pad (really pleased about that as I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new pad)
A set of stampscapes - I have already been playing! This is my first attemp using a mix of TH distress inks and cats eyes.

A set of cosmic shimmer powders
Some dreamweaver embossing paste, and a christmas stencil to play 3d stencilling with
Some cheap card blanks ready to make wedding invites
and a bag of lush gold glitter.

Today I am very worn out and its back to basic housework.

NB I do have a LO to upload but it will have to wait until I have scanned it in.

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