Monday, April 07, 2008

Its all happening here!

Two weeks of supply work have left me little time to blog, and plenty of other stuff has been happening too. It was great to be part of a school and not just doing day supply because I really got to know the children, and Friday I even got to dress up with them as part of National Book Week. I was Mrs Lather from Mrs Lather's Laundry (although not many people recognised that fact LOL). But it was enjoyable even if travelling 40 miles a day round trip was rather tiresome.

Looking forward to two weeks off and some time with Laura started well as we took a quick evening shopping trip together to buy her something to go out clubbing in. I ended up with a new handbag and purse, she got some shorts.

This happy start to the holidays was rather ruined when she had a huge row with Wayne, resulting in some lost hours sleep for us and the wedding in limbo, but I am pleased to say they are happily sorted out now and the arrangements for the wedding continue. We are still researching the price of marquees, and hopefully this week we are off out together to take a look at wedding dresses.

As if that wasnt enough, and as if it has only been a couple of weeks since she got her car back from the bump at the round-a-bout, she came home from the cinema yesterday to find vandals had smashed in most of the car windows. Poor Laura is now car-less for the holidays until autoglass get it fixed.

Meanwhile it is too cold to do much even though Martin is off this week. I have given him a list of tasks but they are mostly minor ones and he has covered many of them already this morning. I have been sewing instead of scrapping, continuing to make decs for my 'folk' based Christmas this year.

Felt stars for the christmas tree

These, when sewn together and stuffed will be
little applique sacks to strew about the house.

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