Sunday, April 27, 2008

Weddings at the weekend

Well a pretty boring week up until Thursday evening when I got a text from Laura asking for me to take Bailey Balls the large puppy over to the doggie grooming place the following morning. This was because Wayne (who had expected to drop him over) ad not been able to get an hour off work to do so. A good early start to the day then? He is a lovely dog though and sat in the car beautifully as I drove him there, and he went off with the strange lady with no problems whatsoever.

After dropping him off I took a run out to a new venue that has been recommended by the caterers for Laura's wedding. There is nothing wrong with the venue we had picked out except that it needs a marquet plus porta loos plus catering tent plus walkway plus.
... well the costs just keep piling up. Its also a far cry from what Laura actually wants which is an old rambling country house with rooms to put up guests and a bit of garden to wander around in if its lovely and sunny. Its not lack of money stopping her turning her dream into reality. and its not that these places do not exist. They just dont exist near enough to the church she is being married in. So if we ever win/earn enough to do so, we are going to buy a place and fill this gap in the market. Kent is such a beautiful place full of old oast houses and such it is just a real pity. Anyway the new place is another converted barn which has only just started doing weddings, so we have an appointment to veiw on Tuesday. Meanwhile I crept up the drive and took a quick photo.

I took quite a few photos on Friday because Shimmelle has a class going on UKS for the cybercrop which involves mapping out the 25th of every month f
or a year and scrapping it. I didnt take that many photos as I didnt think cleaning out the cooker was going to make much of a Layout. I did take a few of the seeds I planted though

and my square foot garden which I have just planted up with onions, leeks, carrots and beetroot to go with the cabbages, and peas already in it.

On Saturday Kelly had asked if she could lend our Wii remotes as they were off to a Wii party that evening and would I also drop them over as they had to stay in and wait for their new cooker to arrive. Well the new cooker apparently was broken before being delivered so they have to wait until next weekend for it to come. It was a beautiful day though so after a cuppa with her and Ollie I went off on a little jaunt along Sittingbourne High Street. A pleasant surprise as the Round Table were holding a fund raiser and the whole road was full of stalls, clowns, punch and Judy and about 30 vintage cars!

Anyway home to try out my hand at the cybercrop classes. Unfortunately try as I might I just could not get the pdf files to open until it was well past scrapping time. I did finally get one class finished this morning.

Now you think you have read all this drivel and cant see why I called it Weddings at the weekend. But its because I finally got taken to the wedding Fair. I have never been to a wedding fair, they didnt exist when Martin and I tied the knot - you just got on with it. No wedding planners, toastmasters, bands or chocolate fountains. It was a village hall, a disco if you could afford to hire one or some aged uncle bunging records on your home hi-fi system and a buffet with tons of cheese and pinapples on sticks and sausage rolls. If you were a bit posher (like us) you opted for a sit down meal but not many people did that so you were pretty limited in choice.

So the whole fair thing is a totally new experience on me .... and although it was interesting, not one I think I want to experience again. Laura already has many ideas, they are adamant they want more novely rather than traditional things so much of what we saw wasnt really appropriate. We did come away with three bags full of leaflets and info though, and were very impressed with the casino tables (casino tables?????) and cocktail bars.

Lunch time by now we stopped off for sunday lunch at our local country pub where Martin joined us, and we had a huge platter of roast beef each followed by apple pie and custard.

Such a shame we have to go back to work next week.

Oh and good vibes for Laura who's school are being Ofsted'ed on Wednesday and Thursday. Good luck babe although I am sure you wont need it and will come out with a glowing report.

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